Alexandria Maillot

Gandhi once said, Be the change you want to see in the world. With perpetual strive, sheer determination and an open heart, that is what Alexandria wishes to accomplish through her passion of the arts. Vancouver Island teen, Alexandria Maillot, has a wealth of experiences and performing opportunities that most singer/songwriters would love to include in their resume: performing at the Nile Song Festival in Egypt, The Golden Star Festival in Romania, the Vancouver Island Music Festival, and the Merritt Mountain Music Festival, to name a few. The highlight was being invited by David Foster to perform in Toronto with Jann Arden for A World of Possibilities, the concert marking the opening of the Michael Lee Chin wing of the Royal Ontario Museum. Feeling a desire to express her creative side, over the past year she set her sites on expanding her resume to songwriting. It was hard, to say the least, Alexandria is quoted, I really had to focus my efforts and learn how to break through the barrier. I definitely have a great amount of respect for songwriters. And with her hard work, her efforts paid off. Revolution, which she co-wrote with producer Joby Baker and her sister, Amanda Maillot, was a finalist in the We Are Listening song contest, and was picked by Universal in Europe for one of their artists, Stefanie Heinzmann. The song reached top 10 in Europe, and her CD went gold. Another one of Alexandria's songs, Confession, was picked up again by Universal for another artist of th...

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