Alexandrina Hristov was Born on 5 May 1978 in Chișinău, Republic of Moldova in a family of artists. Her father, Victor Hristov, was a painter, while her mother was passionate by acting and singing. She started playing the piano and composing her own songs at 8 years. She graduated from the Academy of Music, Theatre and Fine Arts in Chișinău and has beautifully combined music, painting and poetry in her work, since then. In 2005 she played a main part in Paul Cuzuioc's movie Trois femmes de Moldavie, whose soundtrack also included some of Alexandrina's songs. After finishing the movie she moved together with her family in Romania and she started to perform in a series of concerts in Cafe Deko in Bucharest. In 2009, Alexandrina released her first album, Omul de lut(The Clay Man) which included songs such as Printre flori(Among flowers), Roule le taxi, Maria (de leagăn)(Maria (lullaby)). Alexandrina was said to have a special voice and approach. Over the past years Alexandrina has sung at Gărâna Jazz Festival, Peștera Bolii Festival and Transilvania International Film Festival and appeared at several Romanian TV shows on Pro TV, TVR1 and Antena1 channels. She gained most of the fans through the Internet and peer-to-peer networks, since she refuses commercial promotion of her work. Alexandrina sings in Romanian, French and Russian. Although her style would be difficult to situate into a single music genre, it is influenced by acoustic music, rock music, jazz music and ...

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