Alexei Borisov

Alexei Borisov (Àëåêñåé Áîðèñîâ) was born in 1960 in Moscow, USSR. In 1983 he graduated from Moscow State University, History Department. He started his music career in 1980 as a guitarist of the first Moscow new-wave band The Center (Öåíòð). In 1981 with guitarist Dmitry Matzenov he organized THE PROSPEKT (Ïðîñïåêò), big-beat-ska-mod band. In 1985 with the keyboard-player Ivan Sokolovsky (Èâàí Ñîêîëîâñêèé) he formed the first russian techno-industrial-post-rock band NOTCHNOI PROSPEKT (Íî÷íîé Ïðîñïåêò). This project is still active, playing concerts and taking part in different festivals in Russia and abroad. NOTCHNOI PROSPEKT released six albums, one of them (Sugar) has been released in 1990 by Accelerating Blue Fish from Malmo (Sweden). Since the beginning of the 90-s Borisov takes part in electronic duo F.R.U.I.T.S. (with Pavel Jagun), which became quite wellknown in Russia and abroad. Among his latest projects should be mentioned ethno-electronic band VOLGA (Âîëãà) (with Angela Manukjan, Roman Lebedev, Uri Balashov), GOSPLAN TRIO (Ãîñïëàí Òðèî) with saxophonist Sergei Letov (Ñåðãåé Ëåòîâ) and experimental duo with Anton Nikkil? from Finland. In 2000 Borisov and Nikkila formed N&B Research Digest record label. Among other Borisov’ collaborations are the joint projects with the performance-group Nord (Russia), Sergei Letov (Gosplan Trio and other projects) (Russia), Michail Salnikov (Tooth K...

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