Alexis Blair Penney

Alexis is a San Francisco-based writer/performer/artist/DJ/personality originally from Kansas City. Growing up in the suburbs of Kansas he was exposed to a wide range of music - his father is a classically trained pianist, his mother a vocalist - and has always been fascinated with the power of music to influence any situation, whether it's playing exactly the right mix cd at a party or djing the perfect cuts to a crowd. Disco was his gateway into dance music, which evolved into a passionate fixation on House, Italo and everything in between, with an emphasis on gay-interest, diva vocalists and the dark, dramatic and weird - anything with real emotion behind it. He became a DJ out of necessity, after being granted the oppurtunity to throw a party at the legendary Aunt Charlie's Lounge immediately upon moving to San Francisco in 2008, knowing the vibe he wanted but not knowing the DJ for the job, and hasn't looked back since. His first party Thing Night ran monthly from June '08 to January '10, when it mutated and streamlined into the weekly High Fantasy which he throws with the talented Myles Cooper. In addition to High Fantasy, Alexis was the resident DJ of the late Club Club You're Dead, is the resident DJ of Otter Pops and has DJ'd O.K. Hole, Nacht Music, Vienetta Discoteque and Chaser, among others. He performs drag, is pursuing music as a vocalist and maintains a trashy, gay punk nightlife and culture blog and loves poppers. Read more on Last....

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