Alexis Davis

Two countries. Two time zones. Three DJ/producers. One MC. The group Alexis Davis is not all about simple mathematics. It is a collaboration of four fans of one another’s music that decided to come together at a time when coming together is of the essence. Alexis Davis are: DJ/Producers Mecca:83, Simon S, Spinnerty, and MC Replife. But the group is about more than it’s members. Musically, Alexis Davis is about break beats, scratches, cuts, and samples; and all of these elements are served with a fresh jazz sensibility and an aperitif of what has been labeled “future music.” The end result is a dream-like collection of tracks that manage to project the future of hip-hop music while maintaining its foundational origins. The musical arrangements are narrated by replife, whose unmatchable flow and imagistic lyricism shifts from gritty story rhymes to intelligent social criticism to deep metaphysics. And once you’ve gotten deep, AD brings you back to the party – the place where hip hop was born. The story of Alexis Davis is in alignment with the bold new direction in which the world is moving, where citizens of distant countries are coming closer together. It began with email chats between Rise (Manchester, UK), replife (Cleveland, USA), and Spinnerty (San Francisco, USA). The circle got even tighter after Rise and replife met Simon S in London, and the circle was finally forged after replife moved to the San Francisco Bay area and connected with Spinnerty in per...

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