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Alexis Foxe is a musical provocateur. Every song on “To Have and Want More” has a flavor all it’s own. From the 1940’s Big Band feel of the title track to the futurist pop synth style of “Revel Without a Cause,” Foxe shows her unique capacity to blend a wide 
variety of sounds. Alexis was destined to be influenced by cultures from all over the world. She was born to a Cuban mom and a Colombian dad. As a child, she lived in Buenos Aires and Madrid and Spanish was her first language. She started playing piano at an early age and says, “I grew up dancing ballet and flamenco, writing and making films. My parents really encouraged my individuality and creativity. But I didn’t sing a note until I was 20 years old. Can you imagine? Not a peep until I was 20.” The family moved to New York when Alexis was 11. Her mother worked in the music industry, so she spent her adolescent years doing what a lot of teens would dream of; listening to music demos and going to concerts. Alexis soon fell in love with US 
Cinema. She says, “I learned to speak English by watching films. I became fascinated by how language was manipulated and began to notice how exquisitely music could be used to enhance the story. I started to think of music as the second language of the 
film. I knew from an early age that I wanted to do something with music and film.” At the age of 18, Alexis packed her bags for Poughkeepsie, New York. She enjoyed her year at Vassar College, but Spain wa...

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