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Alice Kaitlyn Luck a.k.a Alexis K is a self taught dj/producer from Wellywood, New Zealand. Originally hailing from Auckland, Alice played drums for 6 years before moving to Wellington and joining a band who promptly gave her a guitar instead. Having come from a background in mostly rock/metal/funk bands as a guitarist (5 years) and later working with bands such as Kabanaz, Knife Party and Helix Kids Club as a producer she discovered drum and bass late 2008 through her now DJing partner Spinsta (Nieta Moore - The Real Big Groove/Radio Active DJ). Falling in love with dark dnb and neurofunk (and a few months later Dubstep) lead her to pickup FL studio 8 in October 08. Influenced by everything from Massive Attack, Portishead, Jack White, Amanda Fucking Palmer and Jimmy Page through to Truth, Peaches, Deftones, Tool, Beethoven and Hans Zimmer, Alice has been focused on carving her own unique sound into the dubstep and drum and bass soundscapes for the better part of the last year. 2010 is set to be a big year with her debut EP on Permanent Damage Records, a 4 track EP on Optimus Gryme Records aswell as a track being featured on an upcoming CBS show. Alice also works under the Alias Sub Affair with Qel-Droma of Stupid Fly Records (2 new tracks Forthcoming) Aswell as DJing and Production. Alice has written 2 short films (1 produced, 1 in production). Worked on several short films as crew, sound editor and composer. Performs as a standup comic and is currently designing a line o...

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