Alexis Spight

Buffalo, NY native, Alexis Spight has skyrocketed in the past few months after being crowned the 1st runner up in BET’s highly successful reality television series, Sunday Best. The 19 year old “preacher’s kid” has wowed audiences nationwide with her vocal ability, distinctive style, signature red hair and transparent sincerity. The singer auditioned for the series in St.Louis with thousands of other hopefuls and almost did not complete the audition for fear of not measuring up. Spight admits, “When I got there I was discouraged because there were two or three thousand people ahead of me in line,” Even as she advanced round by round in the competition, she shares, “there were times I would call my mom and dad and say ‘I can’t do this, I don’t know what’s going to happen, everybody’s so talented…’” Still she pressed on and it’s clear to all that Spight had exactly what it took to go all the way. Spight made it to the culminating round with the final two out of over 15,000 competitors. Spight was raised in the church where her father and current manager, Allen Spight was the pastor. Spight has been singing since the young age ofthree and sang with her mother, Michelle Spight and later traveled around the state of New York with her siblings as a singing group called the Spight Sisters. Her great-grandmother recalls how Spight sang from an early age, she came up singing. Whenever she was in the house she would be singing all daylong. She would get ...

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