There are at least two artists with the name Alexkid. 1. A French multi-instrumentalist, composer, re-mixer, DJ and sound engineer (active from 1997 to present) 2. A British instrumental post rock band (active from 2003 to 2006) 1. Born French from a Spanish mother in 1975, Alexis Mauri aka Alexkid is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, re-mixer, DJ and experienced sound engineer. His growing reputation of first class artist/producer and his knowledge of the dance floors made him a requested DJ. He originally got hooked to music at the age of fifteen, playing guitar in numerous funk school bands. It's only a few years later that he started getting involved in electronic music while learning sound engineering . Signed to French leading electronic label F-Communications in 1997, Alexkid will release a series of 4 Eps, until 2000, all to critical acclaim. Always on a Deep tip, his productions are mainly influenced by movie soundtracks and show an amazing diversity of styles from jazzy nu-house to Drum & Bass and abstract hip-hop. Bienvenida - his long-awaited first album released in 2001 - confirms the creativity of a composer exploring new musical fields while bearing his original trademark of joyful and grooving electronic mood. Here, technology is transparent, serving feelings rather than inducing them even in the most electronic pieces such as Strawberry Lane or Bienvenida. Including edited and remastered versions of previously released tracks, Bienvenida also contain...

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