There are several artists with this name: 1). ALF who are a London based collective. ALF began as the studio project of Nick Chamberlain-Hunt, a musician with a wide background from being a bass player with cult new romantic band Neu Electric on the now collectable Some Bizarre Records to live dub mixer for Baby Fox. His debut album ALF revolved around a rotation of friends and associated bands that gigged and jammed together. This set up continued successfully through three more albums Alongside Frank and Cajun Wolf and Suicide is the Last Thing On My Mind. Singer Christine Leach started her recording career on underground club records with tracks on renowned producer William Orbit’s label, [Guerrilla Records]. This led to further collaboration and songs on William Orbits' Strange Cargo series of ambient albums. At the same time her band Baby Fox began making a name for them selves with two singles of the week in the NME and a couple highly rated albums in a genre that became labelled as trip hop. Then one of the songs that Christine performed live with William Orbit at London Astoria, and at Phoenix Festival called Ray of Light, suddenly shot into an entirely different universe. William became Madonna’s producer and that song became the title track for the Madonna’s album “Ray Of Light”. The new face of ALF is Alongside Frank taken from the title of their second album. More Information: and 2) ALF is t...

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