Sweden's alfabaz is a producer and musician. Micael Rudenvall Is a multi talented artist with a heavy artillery of old analogue vintage synthesizers mixed with todays hi-tech audio gear. alfabaz also have made some acid tracks under the alias Dinsyncadelica. Deliciously simple, dubby electro-grooves. if you love old analogue synths and drum machines, alfabaz is your man. Some of these tracks are fairly minimal, so those who like a fuller sound might be turned off, however this middle-aged fat rasta consistently serves upcsolid grooves for those who like to keep it simple. Any fans of kraftwerk or richie hawtin (aka plastikman) should check this out. Creation kicks off with a warm analogue bassline which pulses back and forth between your ears. this is soon joined by a funky electro-style beat. A sharp lead melody, reminiscent of computer world era kraftwerk, joins us as the beat drops out. this lead adds a feeling of apprehension to the track, but combined with the bassline, creates an nice groove which should get you moving. the beat is built up slowly with the addition of extra percussion and more kraftwerk-style blips. Towards the end of the track, the mood shifts with the addition of some excellent calming pads, which close off the piece nicely. Oxis is a simple electro track, but that's where its strength lies. it starts off with a bubbling acid style lead which is repetitive on the surface but constantly changing. Next in is the beat - again, a simple elec...

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