There are two acts called Alfie: one from the UK and one from Norway. 1) Alfie were a Manchester based indie-folk band. They were originally signed to Twisted Nerve records, but moved to Regal/Parlophone Records. On October 26 2005, they announced they were breaking up: Band members * Lee Gorton (vocals) * Ian Smith (guitar) * Matt McGeever (guitar, cello) * Sam Morris (bass, keyboards, french horn) * Sean Kelly (drums) a much loved but now sorely missed, one off, northwest/midlands hybrid of instinctive salfordian folkies and classicaly trained, satirical, psychedelic enthusiasts. did 2 albums on manchesters finest and most influential independant label, twisted nerve. their debut, 'if you happy with you need do nothing' was a sketchy, low-fi, but charming collection of 3 early e.p's that was then followed up with their twisted nerve debut proper, 'a word in your ear'. this record saw the band move a leap closer to the string and harmony drenched, sunshine psychedelia they were planning for their 3rd album, their debut record on regal/parlophone, 'do you imagine things?'. none of these albums sold particulary well so the band did their best and put together their 4th long player, 'crying at teatime'. this record was much bolder but still bore their, by now familiar, lacadaisical, unpretentious, soothing, yada, yada, yada sound, soooo.... as this was supposed to be their debut into the pop world everybody decided that it was all much to...

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