Andrey Klimkovsky

Andrey Klimkovsky was born in Moscow on February, 25th, 1969. In his youth, he dreamed of becoming an astronomer. At the age of 11, he started studying astronomy at the Moscow Planetarium, but at the same time developed a great interest in space music. He became the participant of musical group ALRADO in team of which was playing under the electric starry sky of the Planetarium. At the age of 15, Andrey wrote some of his first musical compositions. But a priority direction of his life continued to be the study of astronomy and after the completing study at the Planetarium, Andrey Klimkovsky joined the Moscow Physico-Technical Institute to become a specialist in the field of development of spacecraft and stations. Still, the love of music has appeared more strongly and in some years Andrey Klimkovsky comes back in the Moscow Planetarium and writes down musical programs for scoring lectures, collects adherents and creates NEANE group with which writes down new compositions and plays small concerts. In 1996 Andrey Klimkovsky creates own studio for record of electronic space music, and year later - label NEANE Records. The first release of label NEANE Records - Andrey Klimkovsky's album Music of Heavenly Spheres, part I - took place in May, 1997. Since then Andrey Klimkovsky lets out every year new albums and on a regular basis gives concerts. Sometimes the composer comes back to plays written in the childhood and writes down new versions of these compositions and as lets ...

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