Andrius Mamontovas

A household name in Lithuania, Andrius Mamontovas has been charming audiences with his recipe of melancholic rock for two decades now. A crowd of 60 000 gathered to witness the last show of his now legendary band Foje in 1997 and his ongoing solo career is impressive. Getting his umpteenth gong at Bravo awards (Lithuanian equivalent of Grammy) has become a routine for Lithuania's biggest and most charismatic rock star who is also carving a career path as a music producer and actor (playing the main part in the internationally acclaimed theatre performance of Hamlet directed by Eimuntas Nekrošius). Managing to keep an unparalleled level of popularity is not a difficult task for Mamontovas, who has toured most of European countries, Canada and the U.S. Having shared the stage with Bryan Adams and Sting, in 2006 Andrius signed a publishing deal with a U.S. based Forman Bros. Recordings label and is currently in the process of recording his second album in English. Andrius made 2006 an eventful year: two solo albums, several collaborations with other artists and a jaw-dropping Eurovision project LT United proved that this rock veteran is still very much in the game. The newest work of Andrius Mamontovas is the post-punk album Geltona. Žalia. Raudona (Yelow. Green. Red). The name of album is the same as the colours of the national flag of Republic of Lithuania. There are 11 songs about today's Lithaunia: corruption, money, drugs, sleeping nation, lie and etc. Highly rated, it ha...

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