There are at least 4 artists named Android. 1. Android (USA) is the muscial equivalent of 50s sci-fi movies - glimpse of the not-too-distant future. With shaved heads, surrounded by synthesizers and knobs and keys and pads, with vocoders galore, band looks and sounds like they want to be Kraftwerk circa 2125. There are songs about the future, songs about space, and even songs about the comfort that a synthesizer provides. Judging by the photos on the back and on the insert of they only album In Tune With Tomorrow (1982), it appears that they set up a custom-made room somewhere (Los Angeles, presumably) to play their shows. A 21st Century Band 2. Imro van hetten also known as 'UFO-Pilot' in the Netherlands, was a famous kick boxer who ended up living on the streets in Utrecht. He did a short period of mad music production, throwing out some epic tunes like Skydancer and Alien. With italo disco influences and some of his own Alien like style he dropped some epic tunes. Sadly a street junkie in Utrecht, The Netherlands, nowadays. Begging for money and telling the weirdest story's about aliens and UFO's. This man has had quite the life. 3. This album mixes rhythmic sequences with lots of vocoder voices, somewhat between Kraftwerk and Tangerine Dream. Rare. Android is Cristian Reyes main project, formerly KampfProject (2003-2004) and Kampf (1991, 2000). Android's music is kinda minimalistic with some IDM elements. His sound tries to mix Lo-Fi and analog synths. Rhythm section...

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