Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra

Berlin’s Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra is made up of 18 young musicians with a multiplicity of musical and cultural roots. Founded in 2006, the formation is characterized by “courageous curiosity and openness for almost anything” (H. Sieverts) and plays the ensemble director and saxophonist Daniel Glatzel’s compositions with a high level of precision. The pieces are beyond jazz, new music, classical or pop and give space to every instrument in this unusual lineup. “Where pop meets jazz and new music, genre borders meld: with its debut album, Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra advances into the unknown” (Die Zeit, 09): while the critics ascribed a pop perspective to Take Off, in the new program BUM BUM, electronic music and its re translation into the acoustic are more in the focus and assignments in the individual and collective playing fields are rearranged. The cuts between individual idioms and positions are sharper and the attacks more progressive. Coupled with the ensemble’s high level of lightness and their thrilling joy in playing, the Band enthuses the broadest of audiences with its high-energy, carefree approach. At home in concert halls, jazz clubs and – during common concerts with the band The Notwist– big venues and pop-festivals, this unique hybrid of big band, chamber ensemble and progressive rock orchestra is an event that mixes up and re-orders old expectations and habits. The Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra has been celebrated by critic...

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