Andru Bemis

Since 2001, Andru Bemis has wandered the ends, edges and in-betweens of North America more times than he can count. His unmistakable voice, expressive self-taught styles on banjo and guitar (and occasional fiddle or banjo-ukulele), engaging stage presence, and exquisitely crafted tunes of travel and longing have earned Bemis rapid respect and a dedicated following throughout Mexico, Canada, the U.S., and beyond. Andru's preferred mode of transport is Amtrak passenger trains, on which he has spent many months, performing almost nightly in cities and towns along the way. When no train is available, Bemis wends his path by foot, thumb, bicycle, bus, subway, ski and occasional aeroplane. The songs of Andru Bemis are spiritually descended from an era when music was made and played to express one’s deepest emotions while entertaining the neighbors. Bemis is a “traditionalist with a fresh approach and a modern troubadour with deep respect for the roots of his craft. He is a gifted vocalist and instrumentalist. His music speaks to our present condition in language of a gentler past” (Wepecket Island Records). The Birmingham [Ala.] Weekly calls Bemis a “modern-folk, Midwestern miracle of music …. with a voice that is pretty and ravaged, sounding as though 50 Appalachian winters have run him ragged.” Bemis’ performances traverse the boundaries of age and culture, drawing audiences young and old, gypsies, folksies, punksies, babies, crusties, hillbillies, grannies and more. Chi...

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