Andru Pozzatron

Influenced and inspired by the hip hop and dance music of the nineties and harboring a slight obsession with robots, Andru Pozzatron is quickly rising to the top of the pool of emerging, cutting-edge dance music DJs and producers. “I think that my attraction to house music is partially due to its ability to bring you out of any funk and my tracks are simply a reflection of this,” Andru says. “I make music to make people dance.” And dance they do. Hailing from Toronto, Ontario with a background mainly in hip hop, Andru developed the desire to learn how to mix and scratch. Now, in 2010, Pozzatron is looking back on almost a decade of weekly and monthly residencies across Canada, DJing in clubs around the world and producing divergent records that are clearly setting a new standard in the house and electro genres. Pozzatron further describes his sound as bouncy, electro funk with some glitch and fidget elements. With releases forthcoming on labels such as Big Alliance, Four Play Trax and South Africa’s Baboon Tunes. Andru’s future as both a DJ and producer is extremely promising and more and more labels are taking note, so keep an eye out for more from this Canadian robot funkmeister. His goal is to make music as long as he can though he does also have a plan for the future. He’s currently in law school focusing on intellectual property law specifically related to music. It’s clear Pozzatron agrees with his many fans when he notes, “Electronic music provide...

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