Andrzej Koszewski

Andrzej Koszewski, composer, musicologist, music publicist and teacher was born on 26 July, 1922 in Poznań. He is a composer and, at the same time, musicologist, music publicist nd teacher. He completed his music studies in several areas: music theory (1948) and composition (1953) under Stefan B. Poradowski at the State College of Music in Poznań, post-graduate music studies under Tadeusz Szeligowski at the State Higher School of Music in Warsaw (now the F. Chopin Academy of Music), and musicology under Adolf Chybiński at the Poznań University (1950). Since 1957 Koszewski has been teaching composition at the State College of Music in Poznań (as professor since 1978). His best-known composition, Muzyka fa-re-mi-do-si for chorus (160), is a complex score written for the sesquicentenary of the birth of Chopin, from whose name its basic motif is derived (Fryderyk CHopin). In general, Koszewski's music is unpretentious in his early works, which are derived from Polish folksongs, as in the Taniec Wielkopolski for small orchestra (1951) and the many choral pieces. Andrzej Koszewski's compositions especially those for choir, have been performed and recorded in numerous European, Asian and American countries during several international festivals and competitions. The composer has received a number of artistic awards, among them the Award of the Minister of Culture and Art (1967, 1973, 1977, 1978) and also the Award of the City of Poznań and Poznań Voivodeship (1968). His wo...

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