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Andy Chatterley is a Grammy nominated remixer, producer, BMG/Universal songwriter, recording engineer and studio owner. At seventeen, he produced his first track with legendary synth creator David Vorhaus. He also set up his first label Sperm Records with Richard Schiessl and Nicol Chelmiah, founded back in 1993. He was a co-producer of Conscious in the heady hardcore days, with Platipus Records' Simon Berry. He also currently remixes under the title Flash Bang. Richard Schiessl, also a co-founder, has been part of the dance scene in one way or the other since the heady days of Sunrise et al, and that summer. Richard is highly responsible for much of Psychic TV's early production work, as both their studio and tour engineer. Richard's perfectionism and sound production talents have proven an invaluable asset at Sperm. Together, Andy and Richard are 'Apply Within', 'Boomerang', 'Free Love Foundation', 'Societe' (with Warren Le Sueur), 'Force of Nature' (with Ian Ossia), and notably 'Yum Yum'. released over fifty 12 and four albums, as well as remixing five Top 10 UK releases including Toni Di Bart, Bananarama and Heaven 17. In 1998 Andy started working with DJ Nic Fancuilli and formed Skylark. The duo, renowned for their remix abilities, became a massively in-demand act remixing for Kylie, Michael Grey, Tears for Fears and Deep Dish, and released their first single the 'That's More Like It' on Credence (EMI). Andy and Nic launched Saved Records to release Quality House Mu...

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