Andy Compton

Andy Compton is one of the most respected and prolific House producers to come out of the UK. He became a full time musician at the age of 16, playing the guitar in several bands. In the early 90’s he discovered and fell in love with the kind of music he wanted to make - not just straight up house music, but DEEP house, a sound which infuses jazz /soul and house elements to create a deeper feeling. In 1993 he started to do underground countryside barn raves under the name Rural Promotions, which then became the name of his first record label. Andy created the group “The Rurals” in 1994, and soon was introduced to vocalist Marie Tweek, which was the icing on the cake for The Rurals soulful sound. For the following fifteen years The Rurals had perfected a unique style of live elements melted with thumping electronic music and became known worldwide as one of the very best Deep House acts. With over 70 singles, 12 LPs and songs on over 200 compilations, Andy Compton has been nothing short of prolific. A milestone in House-history was the release of their LP 'Sweeter Sounds' in 2001, with the single 'Lush' which busted big in the New York scene and was regularly played at Shelter in New York. Another highlight in Andy's career was the 10th Rurals LP called 'The 10th Chapter' which was featured on the cover of DJ Magazine in January 2008. Working with everyone from Motown, to the TV show Six Feet Under, and performing and DJ-ing around the world, Andy and The Rurals are the stu...

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