Andy Davis

There are two artists on known as Andy Davis. 1) Andy Davis, Louisiana-born songwriter 2) Andy Davis, music producer, member of Stackridge , former member of The Korgis, who also played acoustic guitar and sang backing vocals on John Lennon's Imagine album. 1) A southern boy at heart, Andy Davis works with what he knows best: charm. Quirky, clever, talented and tender, Andy writes music to make you look for a soft hand to hold. With a movie-maker's eye for storytelling, he shows that every glimpse in life tells a story and that every saga must be distilled into vignettes. Andy is a rare talent: an unplugged Whiskeytown-era Ryan Adams crossed with a latter-day Billy Joel, without the self-destructive tendencies of either. Surprisingly soulful for a young man whose peers spend more time cruising than crooning, Andy Davis writes songs that make us remember things too important to have forgotten: incomprehensible faith, the torture of deep emotion, and belief in boundless possibilities. Everyone rushes past these quiet monoliths on our way through young adulthood, and Andy's music makes us want to go back and find them. His songs make you remember your firsts: first kiss, first love, first date, first heartbreak. It's the accessibility of Andy's agony and ecstasy that makes you feel what it's like to be a poet. Life becomes less complicated when we grasp the essence of true living. The music of Andy Davis beckons like a whisper through the cacophony of smooth snake oil ...

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