Andy Dixon

Andy Dixon (b. 1979) is a Canadian musician, who gained notoriety as a member of the North Vancouver punk rock band d.b.s. Afterwards, he played in The Red Light Sting. Beginning in 2003, during the final months of The Red Light Sting, he began to cut up audio recordings he made himself and compose glitch/IDM music under the alias Secret Mommy, though he used The Epidemic for his first solo release. Biographical background The son of two accountants, Dixon was the creative spark in the family from early on. Growing up in the suburbs of North Vancouver, his parents were extremely supportive of their son's musical endeavors, allowing him to go on tours with his band for weeks at a time, and often lending him money so he could keep doing so. Musical projects: d.b.s. Andy Dixon began playing guitar and singing in the band d.b.s. around the age of twelve in 1992 with band mates Jesse Gander (vocals), Ryan Angus (bass guitar), and Paul Patko (drums). Drawing from influences such as Metallica, and later Jawbreaker, he skanked, then thrashed and finally shredded melodic lines of post-rock/punk bliss. The sound was dominated by a combination of the DIY, 'raw' punk interests and vocal stylings of Gander, combined with the metal-driven, artistic vision of Dixon.. The group decided to call it an end in October 2000 after over eight years, four full length records, and the release of their final EP, Forget Everything You Know, which, while their last, is widely regarded as their greate...

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