Andy Duguid feat. Leah

Andy Duguid is a producer from Aberdeen, Scotland, who has a very bright future ahead of him. After making his mark with his debut single ‘Hypocrisy’ and some strong remixes, he really hit the big time with this track, ‘Don’t Belong’. Landing a prime position on In Search Of Sunrise 6, compiled and mixed of course by a certain Tijs Verwest, it has already had a release on the samplers of said album. Now it has a full release on Black Hole Recordings complete with a clubbier mix from Ti?sto prot?g?e Phynn. The original shines mainly due to the gorgeous, soft, heart-rending vocal of Leah. Yet the production and instrumentation is absolute perfection, from the shuffling beat, looped synth hooks, deep bassline, a gorgeous rippling piano motif and the mournful strings that gently swell as the track climaxes. The whole track and vocal just flows sublimely and is worthy of five stars in my book. Phynn does the club mix job more than competently and I for one am enjoying his shift to more tech-electro sounds. With a grinding bassline powering the engine room of the track, it complements the soothing strings and soft vocal hooks well, and the early introduction of said strings is a great touch. The breakdown is especially beautiful, with wonderful string arrangement adding extra emotional punch to the sweet vocals before charging into a heads-down percussive section. Stay awake at the end though, as the bass drops out rather suddenly. Read more on User-contributed text...

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