Andy LaPlegua

Andy LaPlegua, (born Ole Anders Olsen) born September 15, 1975 in Fredrikstad, Norway, is founder and lead vocalist of the band Icon of Coil. LaPlegua also has three side projects he is involved with: Combichrist (formerly Drive), Panzer AG and Scandy. Of these, both Icon of Coil and Combichrist have topped the Deutsche Alternative Charts. Combichrist has been in the Billboard Dance top 5 charts. Originally a part of several scenes in Norway, LaPlegua experimented with hip-hop in the Detroit Techno/Old School band LAW, industrial in Devils Into Crime (DIC), punk in My Right Choice (MRC)/Fleshfire and metal in Lash Out. He also found interest in trance and club music making his mark on the scene with his involvement in the bands Plastic Life and Sector 9. Icon of Coil was formed as a solo project in 1997. After becoming very enthusiastic about the music and its possibilities, Andy LaPlegua invited a former bandmate of his, Sebastian R. Komor to join Icon of Coil to perform live. After several public performances and the release of Shallow Nation, IoC's first single, Komor joined the band full-time. Combichrist was officially launched in 2003. It was created as a more aggressive alternative to Icon of Coil. Panzer AG was officially launched in 2004. LaPlegua combined the danceability of Icon of Coil and the hard-hitting beats of Combichrist when he created Panzer AG. His fourth, most techno-oriented project, is (DJ) Scandy. Andy LaPlegua is separated from Kellie LaPleg...

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