Andy Miller

At six years old, Andy Miller got his first guitar, a Sears brand student classical. He cut his teeth on country greats; Hank Williams, Willie Nelson, and Patsy Cline. As he aged, he began moving across the West Coast and further exploring the vast American musical landscape. In Washington, he fronted the popular teenage punk band The Nitwits. At seventeen, he moved to California and began an in-depth jazz training and founded the heroin lounge band Johnny Walker and the Rock-a-holics, who had the honor of opening up for local heroes Granddaddy. The beginning of the new millennium: Andy found himself in San Francisco, playing as Cowboy Sunset, and delving deep into country and bluegrass, and opening for the iconic Hope Sandoval. In 2009, Andy Miller had once again relocated, this time to Portland, Oregon, where he founded the beloved local band The Red Dakota Revival Show. Currently, he has left the West Coast and is residing in New York City. Andy Miller's sound is an exploration of primal American music of the past. Equal parts blues, jazz, gospel and country, it has been dubbed junkyard jazz. At once familiar, but completely unique, it oozes of the primordial Northwest evergreen forests, the dusty fields of the Central Valley, and the dream fog of the Bay-- sounding as if it's from a forgotten American past that possibly never existed, or a future that is hopefully never realized. His influences range from Skip James, the Memphis Jug Band, Jimmie Rodgers, to 6...

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