Andy Prieboy

A self taught musician and songwriter, Andy Prieboy was born in California but raised in the industrial wasteland of Northwesten Indiana. He joined his first band at 14. But it was not until the late seventies, when he found himself a part of San Francisco's then burgeoning Punk Scene, that he began to focus his abilities fronting and writing for Eye Protection, a band whose music, in the forgivable exuberance of youth, Prieboy once described as neo-classical anti-broadway urban rock 'n 'roll. Though failing to capture the public's imagination, this tag aptly described the cultural car wreck of the band's musical intent and product. Eventually heroin, poverty, and obscurity conspired with one band member's religious conversion causing the band to die, fatally crushed under the weight of it's motto. It was at this point that an L.A. production company whisked Andy away to Hollywood where he was to be groomed to become a star. Sadly, this grooming was not as thorough as it might have been, had this estimable organization produced something other than fancy receipts to mask the producer's Wal Mart Sized drug habit. And so, when the Feds moved in, Andy was unceremoniously dumped in to the sky's-the-limit world of rock-musicians-reduced to working retail . Oddly enough, it was here, In the course of socializing with other penniless rockin' retailers ,that a serendipitous meeting occurred with the members of the newly Stan Ridgeway-less, Wall of Voodoo. Facing a dubious, often sc...

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