Andy Roberts

There are three separate musicians who go by the name of Andy Roberts. 1) Andy Roberts (b. 12 June 1946 ), the an English song writer / composer who played with Liverpool Scene, Plainsong and made many solo albums. 2) Andy Roberts (d. 1995), lead guitarist and vocalist for Linus. 3) Andy Roberts who is active on youtube etc 1) Andrew Andy Roberts (born 12 June 1946) is an English musician who has played with Liverpool Scene, Plainsong, The Scaffold, Roy Harper, Pink Floyd, Hank Wangford, Kevin Ayers, Vivian Stanshall and Grimms. He has also done many sessions for artists such as Richard Thompson and Maddy Prior, and has been a musical partner to Ian Matthews for over 30 years. He has also written film scores, themes for TV series, backed Billy Connolly, provided music and voice for the British satirical TV show Spitting Image and continues to create musical backdrops for the poetry of Roger McGough. 2) Andy Roberts sang and played guitars in Linus, a band formed in London in 1992 as part of the flourishing riot-grrrl scene. Their influences included The Partridge Family, Gang of Four and X. They released singles with Bone and Wiiija before signing to Elemental in 1994. 'Four Track Demos' was Andy Roberts' only solo release and was compiled from his home demo recordings by his friend and bandmate Tammy Denitto after his sudden tragic death in Summer 2005. For more details, see Linusland. 3) The unsigned Andy Roberts, who is active o...

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