Andy Samford

Andy hails from Snellville, Georgia. Official releases and singles are available as free downloads at record label website, . Samford's latest cd release was issued on July 8th, 2009 and it titled There Is No Such Thing As Time & Space. Below are the liner notes from Andy Samford's compilation cd release...... Andy Samford - Anthology 1998-2006 “The Roland Years” A compilation featuring the creme de la creme of Andy’s solo recordings from 98-06. Eventually the bulk of these recordings will be issued when we do the expanded editions of all the solo albums, but these are the songs that we want to get out there right away… so let’s turn it over to Andy so we can stop talking in third person…. Andy: ”After recording the Plaster album, which was my first experience working with more than a cassette 4 track recorder, I became pretty obsessed with the recording process, the layering of guitars and vocals and such, and decided to spend what was left of my “college fund” that didn’t get spent on the Plaster album to build a little home recording studio. After much research and considering what I had to spend, I decided to purchase a Roland VS1680 (with the onboard expansion cards), a pair of Event 20/20 bas studio monitors, headphones, a drum machine, and a condenser mic. I also bought a Roland analog-modeling synth which I had no clue how to use but figured I could make some cool noises with it. I bought all of this equipment, ...

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