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Andy Scisco is a folk-rock inspired singer/songwriter. He was born in 1974 in Kinshasa, Zaire to a Swedish mother and an Italian father. In a family that moved around the world, he grew up speaking English, Italian, Swedish and French. By the time he started playing the guitar at the age of twelve, he had lived in six countries and on three continents. Living in Paris and playing in bars and clubs with various bands throughout his twenties, he struggled to gain public recognition on his own until 2005, when renowned French artist, Gérald de Palmas, selected him to open his tour. Over a period of eight months, Andy played to approximately 200 000 people throughout Europe, selling the entire first pressing of his EP The Imaginary Man. With the support of independent label, Lost Records, Andy then went to London to record his first full-length album. The Sky Between Us ranges from quiet solo pieces to rich songs backed by a full band. Anchored by his tempered guitar and stories built on intimate and vibrant images, Andy’s work is, at once, exuberant and profoundly lonesome; the narrators are frequently outsiders looking in at worlds which they are not entirely part of. A musician who pays careful attention to language and the scope of his arrangements, Andy creates complex characters and songs filled with conflicting desires always, there is tension between optimism and its darker counterpart. His childhood influences are as eclectic as Shel Silverstein and AC/DC, but i...

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