Andy Skopes

Andy worked at the infamous Croydon record store Wax City back in the day, making lots of friends and contacts, while compiling an extensive record collection. During this time he started producing and had his first finished tune played by Bailey on BBC Radio 1xtra. From then on he was addicted. Next step was signing his first tunes to local labels Jerona Fruits and then Inperspective Records, his affiliation with these labels and growing reputation helped him to begin DJing around the UK and Europe. He gained support from big names in the DnB scene who played his music around the world giving him the motivation to produce and release music tirelessly, while keeping down a day job, sleep was not an option. There are not many artists out there who cover such a broad spectrum of styles ranging from the darkness of Drop the Truth (, released on Soothsayer Records to the smooth, melancholy vibe of Reading by the White Lake (, out on Utopia Music. These days he works very closely with Mr Joseph’s Fizzy Beats label and Mako’s Utopia Music. He is a regular DJ at the popular Fizzy, Siren and Technicality nights, where he can show his passion for DnB of all styles, old and new. He helps to run nights in Croydon at The Blacksheep Bar in collaboration with Bailey, hosting the big names in the scene and showcasing local artists. Recent releases include two collaborations with Mr Joseph, firstly on Seba’s Sec...

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