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Guitarist Andy Timmons got his start in the band Danger Danger, and this is his guitar trio project, along with bassist Mike Daane and drummer Mitch marine. Andy Timmons Band Story It started at a Jam session at Rob Wechsler's house sometime in 1987. One year after Andy had moved from Miami to Denton, Texas to join the band Brinker, Andy found himself looking for some players to work on some solo material. His friend violinist/engineer Rob Wechsler often hosted jam sessions at his house and told Andy he should start jamming with different musicians. Denton is home to the University of North Texas, which has a renowned Jazz Studies program which attracts musicians from all over the world. Within a 3 mile radius of campus are literally hundreds of great musicians wanting to play. Mitch Marine was currently playing drums with legendary Texas band, Brave Combo, but was always inclined to try other endeavors. He showed up at Rob's house one day to jam with Andy and some other musicians. Andy immediately liked Mitch's energy and feel. Mitch Playing LiveA few weeks later bassist Mike Daane showed up at Rob's house. As Daane remembers, I was in my second year of college studying and playing Jazz. A bassist friend had told me he just jammed with this amazing guitar player and he was completely blown away. I didn't ever expect to have the chance to jam with Andy, then a week later Rob called me up. I was a bit nervous when I showed up, but when Andy and I started playing, we immedi...

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