anechoic an-e-ko-ik adj - Neither having nor producing echoes: sound absorbent: an anechoic chamber. Anechoic are four young men and a world of ideas. They formed a couple or three years ago, two childhood friends a university pal, and the recently enlisted Pete Saul on drums. Rob Leach: onstage you will see him playing a guitar, synth and singing. Tom Butler: onstage he will be playing a piano, bass, and singing. Andrew Lindsay: onstage you will find him playing guitar, synth, and singing. Together they make detailed, expressive music, simple songs embellished by arrangements that demand your attention, that interest you more than usual,that surprise. Rob, Tom, Andrew and Pete have all been in other bands before, dozens of bands, just like everyone else who's in a band right now. Metal bands, dance bands, indie bands. They view Anechoic as a chance for them not to be in a [insert genre name of choice here] band, it's an opportunity for them not to worry about rules, a chance for them to take ideas and songs in whatever direction they choose. Two years of near-constant gigging, has galvanised and given direction to Anechoic; not just in terms of their attitude towards being in a band, but how they actually make music. Tom and Rob write the basis of their songs together, while Andrew constructs and deconstructs pieces of music on his laptop, before whoever gets into the studio first begins arrangements and recording ideas. Songwriting has become integral to the band's ma...

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