Anemic are a band which originates from Bristol, UK and California, USA who combine heartfelt lyrics, hard & fast guitars and thumping drums to create an amazing screamo/rock sound. One of their latest successes following the realese of the album A Combination For Disaster is the recent inclusion of the song The Formula on the Kerrang!'s New Breed CD for up and coming acts on the metal scene which has come to have lots of favourable reviews and brought many new fans to the band: ANEMIC IS A ROCK/METAL BAND THAT WANTS TO MAKE YOU RIOT. WE ARE FOUR DUDES THAT LOVE TO TEAR IT UP LIVE AND MEET COOL PEOPLE ON THE ROAD. WE WANT TO MAKE YOU MOSH, SMILE AND DANCE. - Kevin Peters (Vocals) Anemic are: Kevin Peters (VOCALS) Daniel Peters (GUITARS) Alex Rae(DRUMS) Andrew Parslow (BASS) And more can be found of ANEMIC at: or Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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