Anette Olzon

Anette Olzon (married name Anette Blyckert, born on June 21, 1971) is a Swedish musician and former lead singer of Finnish symphonic power metal band Nightwish, 2007 to 2012. She recorded two full-length albums with Nightwish, Dark Passion Play (2007) and Imaginaerum (2011). Olzon was previously the vocalist of the Swedish band Alyson Avenue, and did backing vocals for the Swedish band Cloudscape. She has released demos from a planned solo career, and in October 2012 confirmed that she plans to release a solo album (source). Anette performed guest vocals for Swallow the Sun's 2012 song Cathedral Walls, on the album Emerald Forest and the Blackbird. After leaving Alyson Avenue, Anette featured in harmonies on their 2011 album Changes. She was also a guest vocalist in the song October and April by The Rasmus. It was released as a single in 2009, promoting their best-of album Best Of The Rasmus 2001-2009. Anette has her own website, and regularly updated her blog throughout her time with Nightwish. Biography I was raised in a musical family and I've been singing since childhood. My mom also forced me to play the oboe for 8 years! I toured constantly with my mom and her band in my childhood, sometimes I even sang on stage with them. - Anette, from her website. After she turned 13, she started competing in several talent shows. She joined her first real band when she was just 17, in which they performed covers. After that band, Anette joined A...

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