Thanks for interesarte in the ANG music if you have great Interest can To contact in the Link of Contacts answered each mail or question there to him that Ask. In 1996 it had touched the guitar by a year or two, I equipped always my character and I was Influenced by the fantastic world of the Nature. Each song was due to total solitude. Nonmemory some songs that do not record, I think that it was very deep or advanced particularly personal. there were songs that I have recorded in Cassetes and sometimes ground to listen to them others simply single was product of that moment since I did not have the privilege to record them In my adolescence I grew in a world noncharacteristic between bands did not matter to me that style single it watched the reflection of melodías. after years I was finding me with music metal, already after years to listen to it and to see that the people guided themselves on this music and to see like people whom appear in a scene adopts the name of no music, thus to disappear of that type of people. Nevertheless I guided on myths and legend that was origins of my region and stories on the origin of the things of Myths and legend. Whereas the legend is a traditional narration based on real events that They were transformed by the popular fantasy, the myth consists of a story Traditional on the Gods or the heroes, of the antiquity, who have character Ritual. Many of myths belong to Gods of the civilizations Greek and Roman old, as well as of other cult...

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