Angara Damana

Angara Damana is the truth of mankind, who lost their humanity...And never comprehended the perfection, the human kind that has no meaning for existence. Angara Damana is a grim spirit and shall always be the same since salvation is a meaningless word. Formed in November of 2007, started as a project spreading darkness and plague of occult themes, against humanity and the law of this pitful life. After 3 years of hard working, Radman finished recording His first full-length which it is entitled Dissolve into Nothingness, an hour and 29 minutes of Occult Black Metal against life and the pitful shade of mankind. A release that will surely crash your mind and drift you to a world of darkness far beyond the realm of this false life. In september, 2012, Winterblut (Aryan) joined the band as the main vocalist instead of the back vocalist, for the band's future releases. While Radman is the composer and song writer of the whole material. What does Angara Damana Means?: There Are Four Levels Of Hell In The Younger Zaroaster's Book. Which Malicious,Scurrility,Malfesant, Are The Three Upper Levels And Beneath Them. Is The Boundless Darkness Which Is Angara Damana (Angra Demana). These Four Levels Are Named The Worst Life Duzh Ahu. For any information please contact us on Myspace. E-mail address or any other type of contact information are private for now. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-...

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