Ange Takats

National Folk Festival winner of the 2008 Lis Johnston Award for vocal excellence, Ange Takats' voice has been described as Joan Baez meets Gillian Welch. Her debut album Aniseed Tea tells stories of knitting, longing and lovely Irishmen. Born in Sydney but now based on the Sunny Coast, Ange somehow managed to begin her musical journey in Bangkok where she was based for two years as a foreign correspondent. Spending her days on the road with a TV news crew, and her nights singing Joni Mitchell songs in a small music bar...Ange was able to mix her two greatest passions. After several months playing solo she was asked to join a folk rock band, teaming up with some of Thailand's top musicians to perform every Friday and Saturday night at one of Bangkok’s most popular acoustic music venues. Singing songs from the early 70s, drinking sweet Thai whiskey and learning from Buddhist musicians with big hearts, Ange's songwriting has been greatly influenced by her time overseas. Strangely enough, her Americana music influences came from the guitarists and singers she hung out with in Thailand who owned old hippie records left by US-soldiers during the Vietnam War. They introduced her to singers like Janis Joplin, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Joan Baez and groups like The Grateful Dead, The Allman Brothers and The Band. Following her adventures in Asia, Ange enjoyed four years of chasing summer around the globe – spending time in the Middle East, Canada, Ireland, Spain and getting b...

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