Angel Empire


Angel Empire - an industrial and experimental 4 piece from Detroit Michigan. Formed in 2012 by J-no (of B.M.M., Mind Altering Substance) and Patrick Mpyre (B.M.M., Today I Wait). The two strived to create something that would incite the old school feel of industrial with the new school popularity of current club tracks. Realizing the two couldn't do it all on there own. They set out to find the next piece of the puzzle. Patrick Mpyre decided to contact his long time collaborator, Daniel Columbine. (Columbine, Psyclon 9). After a sit down with him, showing their tracks, and general music philosophy, Daniel Columbine was on board. Several vocal auditions later the band was at a stalemate. J-no decided to contact a killer vocalist and long time music accomplice, Brandon Dai Cahal (Mind Altering Substance, A Field of Black Orchids). A few conversations and idea exchanges later..... He was welcomed to the new familly.... ANGEL EMPIRE. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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