Angel Roque

Angel Roque was born in Habana , Cuba on February 7, 1964. Studying music as a child, his instrument of passion has been the piano where he developed at the Manuel Saumell Conservatory. At 16, on May 28, 1980 he left Cuba leaving goals and dreams behind due to political issues. Arriving in the United States , he temporarily left music to work full time to support him. Then in the late 1980’s, his burning passion for music resurfaced and he started his music career over. He formed a duet with the piano and a guitar and played in different night clubs and private functions. His career continuing growing as he formed the “ANGELES.” The “Angeles” concentrated on different rhythms including salsa, merengues, baladas and cumbias. After a year, an independent label company signed him and changed the group name to “Pop Caribe.” Then in 1994, another independent label company secured him for three years and changed his name to “Angel Roque el angel de la salsa.” There he recorded 2 CD’s named “Tesorito” and “Emociones.” After that successful experience, he developed into a higher caliber musician. Angel began singing on T.V, radio, night clubs and even in live concerts. Simultaneously, Angel Roque produced various musical arrangements for different artists. By late 1997 he realizes a dream of becoming a professional piano soloist. He created his first production “Tres Romances y el piano de Angel Roque” and a second, “Nuevo Romance.”...

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