Angel Stoxx

Vangelis Kostoxenakis aka Angel Stoxx, Phatjak was born in sunny Greece in late 70s. He discovered his passion for music in the early years of high school. This passion drove him later on studying sound engineering and music production in Mixing Is Art Laboratories in Athens, in order to discover and unveil the secrets of music production. With a dedication of more than 15 years in music, the first signs of success were given in 1999 with his debut record (''Circus'') produced along with his friend and partner in crime Evan Kay. The boys released under the alias of ''Mod Squad'' on Liverpool’s legendary label Glow Records and managed to sell 5000 vinyl copies, not a lot for the time but a good number for their debut. The record found immediate support by the players of the time, highlighting Roger Sanchez who honored the track on one of his DJ mixes for DJ mag. Phatjak project was born 2 years after. During that period of time Vangelis studied sound engineering and music technology, which proved to be wise and helpful tools for the years to come. During the shining days of progressive house, Vangelis was into disco and tech/funk house. He found inspiring the sound of the French scene and he is fascinated by it until now. His influences of dicofunk, phat beats and phat basslines where the secret ingredients to hype up the project Phatjak which became widely known in 2005 with the release ''Dirty Sunday'', on Dave Seaman's Audio Therapy. Phatjak’s unique treatment and a...

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