Angel of the Odd

Angel of the Odd may refer to at least two bands. Angel Of The Odd (3); (USA) (1): West Coast (1983-1990) indie - goth,darkwave, post-punk (2): Mid West (1995-1999) indie - pop ??? (3): East Coast (2002-2005) major - LP Fear of Flying. (4): Southeast (Early to mid 90s) indie (1) Angel of The Odd was an underground group that performed in the Los Angeles area during the 1980's. Founding members Gratz Arias and Wesley Earl evolved from another LA based group, Flaming Creatures, which had a similar fan base, but different musical direction. In January of 1985, Jeffrey Blaine Kline was added as the band's bass player and later in the following years, Cecelia+/- to vocals. Angel Of The Odd was formed in Monrovia, California, USA During the late 80's, a new phenomenon was taking root in the LA club scene, called Pay to Play where the bands bought the tickets and sold them, guaranteeing the clubs monies for the evening and leaving the starving artists with either a large bill to pay, or nowhere to perform. This was the curse of the industry where music walked and money talked. Unfortunately, Angel Of The Odd's pockets weren't deep enough, hence Last.FM and Youtube are about as good as it gets. Sadly, Cecilia+- passed away in 2008 and is now on the other side of this side. Below is a listing of most of the shows, in chronological order, with Clubs and other performers. (1984) Roxannes 2/5 Oscar's Corner 2/15 (Miraj) Roxannes 3/4 (Flaming Creatures) Roxannes 3/23 (Legion) T...

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