Angelwings were born in April 2013 out of a group of experienced musicians that had been in the local music scene for some time, and who had played in different bands a wide variety of musical genres. Initially, to gel together as a band it was decided to perform a number of covers from Finnish symphonic metal sensation Nightwish. Soon it became clear to all that original music would have a very considerable element of orchestration. Thus, Angelwings became the first symphonic metal band from Gibraltar. It is in October 2014 when the band starts to write their original material. The first (demo) track titled Wonderland was posted on YouTube on 16/01/2015 and attracted attention from local media and internationally on social media. Two more demos have followed since.... Memories andForbidden Love. These have enjoyed wide acceptance and support, and have increased the band's exposure. These tracks despite having been recorded with very limited resources in the band's own rehearsal room have had air time on radio stations in Argentina, Spain and the UK. The Fallen and Lilith premiered in Argentina radio. On the 27th June 2015 Angelwings supported Heavy metal legends Saxon at the Hard n Heavy festival in Gibraltar. In September 2015 Angelwings performed at the Gibraltar Music Festival where Kings of Leon and Duran Duran were headliners. After numerous offers from record labels from around the world, Angelwings sign with Pride and Joy Music label (Germany). The contract came ...

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