In the mid-1990's, magician Criss Angel asked industrial musician Klay Scott (of Circle of Dust fame) to incorporate a soundtrack for his 'World of Illusion' theatrical stage shows. At the time, Klay put Circle of Dust on hold and formed random music projects such as Brainchild and Argyle Park. With the disbandment of Argyle Park, Klay and Criss both agreed to form an industrial rock band of their own, featuring Dave Sussman (later of Bile) on guitar for the live band. The project was called Angeldust in the early years and for the release of the first soundtrack-album 'Musical Conjurings From World of Illusion', however the project was later rebranded to coincide with two further soundtrack volumes and simply released under the Criss Angel title instead of Angeldust and dubbed the 'System' trilogy. As Klay and Criss began to write the songs, they began to develop a strong friendship. Both loved to make the same type of music and both had the same cyberpunk visual image that was incorporated heavily into the World of Illusion stage-shows. Angeldust did not last that long as Criss went onto to further his solo illusionist career and Klay formed his latest project, Celldweller. Up to this day, even though both men are busy with their own successful projects, Klay still helps Criss Angel make music for his popular Mindfreak television show, most notably the theme song to the show. Accordingly, Klayton can be seen in the Mindfreak music video, playing guitar and keyboards. Selec...

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