Angeles Ochoa

Angeles Ochoa was born on October 2, and grew up to become one of the best Mexican Folk Music Singers. “One day I’m going to sing with that Mariachi” was words said by a three year old girl to her parents while watching a tribute on television to Lola Beltran. Seven years later, that little girl named Angeles Ochoa, had her dream come true by performing with “El Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitlan,” and having Ms. Lola Beltran as her artistic godmother. Angeles Ochoa was just six years old the first time she performed in public; she had been asked to perform at a church fundraiser. Two years later, she had the opportunity to sing with the famous “Charro” singer David Reynoso and with her aunt Perla LeDuc.It was at this event, that Juanita Wood invited Angeles to perform on her television show “Tijuana, Window to the South” Angeles charisma and enormous talent caught the eyes of many concert promoters, who then signed her to perform in various concerts in Baja California, Los Angeles, and other neighboring cities. In 1981, she was invited to be part of “Siempe en Domingo,” the longest running television program in Mexico that was seen by millions of viewers worldwide. After her appearance in 52 shows on this program, Angeles Ochoa became well known. She then performed with world renowned singers Pedro Vargas and Dora Maria at the Mexican Consulate in New York for Mexico’s Independence Day. A year later, Angeles Ochoa participated in two important m...

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