There are (at least) 5 artists using the name Angelica. Angelica (1): were an all-girl punk rock band from Lancaster, England. Holly Ross (lead vocals and guitar), Brigit Colton (bass guitar), Claire Windsor (guitar) and Rachel Parsons (drums) formed the band while still at school in 1994 and performed until 2003. Their music was influenced by punk music mixed with surf rock overtones, and feminist lyrics. Their releases are as follows: Albums: * The End of a Beautiful Career (2000) (Mini-Album) * The Seven Year Itch (2002) Singles: * “Teenage Girl Crush” (1997) * “Why Did You Let My Kitten Die?” (1999) * “Bring Back Her Head” (1999) * “Take Me I’m Your Disease” (2000) Holly Ross is now known as Holly Blackwell, and sings with her husband in The Lovely Eggs Angelica (2): Angelica is a Canadian melodic (Christian) metal band led by guitarist Dennis Cameron that released 4 albums during the period 1989 - 1992. Their albums are as follows: Angelica: Angelica (1989) Angelica: Walkin' In Faith (1990) Angelica: Rock, Stock & Barrel (1991) Angelica: Time Is All It Takes (1992) You can visit for more information... Angelica (3): (born Angelica Garcia, May 21, 1972, El Monte, California) is a Latin pop singer. Her uncle is Eusebio Garcia, director of Mariachi Toluca. She won the Best New Artist award at the Mexican national contest, Juguemos a Cantar, and spent two years acting on the variety program La Hora Feliz. Th...

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