Angelica Kult

Angelica Kult was formed in 2003 in Helsinki, Finland by Mine (vocals), Henry (guitar), Tetja (bass) and Elina (keys). Apart from Henry, the band members had no previous experience in playing in a band. Second keyboard player Annika joined the band in 2005 and played until 2008. In spring 2008 live drummer Reko joined the band to replace the drum machine. Angelica Kult had their first gigs in Finland before the first demo was recorded. The first demo came out in 2004 and the following ones in 2005, 2006 and 2007. During the years the band’s own musical style and sound have become clearer and more personal. Angelica Kult's music is mostly dark pulse mixed with new wave, gothic, garage and electro. Strong and personal touch as well as having a good time have always been important for the band. In January 2008 Angelica Kult released their debut album “Trash Gang” in Finland. Album was released by the band’s own Beaver Patrol Records. Album was greeted with some great reviews in Finnish magazines and was noticed also in foreign media. Trash ..n Drama tour covered gigs in Finland and Russia. Tragically, Henry passed away in an accident in September 2008. Angelica Kult decided to continue making music under the same name and with a new guitarist Riku. Second album Before and After the Flatline was released in 2011. Discography: Before and After the Flatline (2011, Beaver Patrol Records) Trash Gang (2008, Beaver Patrol Records) Facebook Myspace Read more on

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