Angelica Vale

Angélica Vale (born Angélica María Vale Hartman on November 11, 1975 in Mexico City, Mexico) is a Mexican actress, singer and comedienne, known also as the daughter of Angélica María La Novia de Mexico (Mexico's Sweatheart), and as the daughter of comedian Raul Vale. She has been working as an actress for almost 30 years, but achieved fame in 2006 when she became the protagonist of La Fea Más Bella (The Prettiest Ugly Girl), a Mexican telenovela, with her real life mother. Acting career As a child, in the movie El Gran Triunfo in 1981, Vale portrayed the daughter of Mexican superstar, Rigo Tovar. In 1998, she portrayed Julieta in Soñadoras and in 2001, she portrayed the character of Wendy Nayeli Pérez in Amigas y Rivales, both characters which were of major importance to either project and which caused acclaim for the actress. However, the soap opera of La fea más bella was the first major protagonistic main character role for her in any Mexican telenovela, though she had appeared in a number of Spanish language programs. As a comedian, Vale was one of the main celebrity impersonators in the comedy show La Parodia, from 2000 to 2005, but she chose to leave the show because she wanted to take some weeks off. From 2005 to 2006, she performed in El Privilegio de Mandar (The Privilege to Command), which was a parody of an earlier soap opera that had stared Adela Noriega and was titled El Privilegio de Amar (The Privilege to Love). Because telenovelas are wildly popula...

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