Angelika and Demons


Internet gothic rock/metal project “Angelika & Demons” was born in Moscow in the autumn of 2005 when songwriter Angelika was seriously sick and going to die. She decided to make home records of her songs and put them into Internet to stay forever in memory and heart of listeners. But miracle had happened, and Angelika recovered. “God and my music saved me” - she says. And it was just first of miracles and mystic events. Soon the project “Angelika & Demons” became well-known in Internet, and new musicians, arrangers and vocalists from USA, UK, Germany, Russia and other countries took part in it. Some songs (“Starfire” and “No Mercy”) were produced by Tony McKormack – guitarist from the famous goth rock band Inkubus Sukkubus, “The Earth” appeared as a collaboration with Nightshade Kiss, gothic metal band from USA. And of course some brilliant girls-vocalists adorned the project. The enchanting music deeply affected their life as well. In December 2009 Angelika & Demons released first (demo) album EASY DEATH which is available now on Itunes, Amazon and Rhapsody. EASY DEATH’s sound will certainly remind you of Evanescence and ex-Nightwish with Tarja Turunen, female-fronted metal bands with gothic overtones. Beautiful pensive piano ballads with angelic voice alternate heavy guitar riffs and powerful opera singing. Strings and choirs create a special atmosphere. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Common...

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