(1) Angeline is the edgy, haunting and emotionally charged “folk-rock” project of longtime Boston rockers Emily Grogan and Linda Viens. Both distinguished singer/songwriters with active solo careers, Emily and Linda began merging their voices and guitars in 2005. The delight of singing, working together and sharing “frontperson” responsibilities evolved into Angeline and the recording of their first record, “Powdered Pearls”, being released on the legendary Americana/Morphine label, HI-N-DRY on March 23, 2007. The other members of Angeline are: Asa Brebner (bass, Asa Brebner Solo, Robin Lane And The Chartbusters, Jonathan Richman And The Modern Lovers, Idle Hands, The Family Jewels, Andrea Gillis), Cheryl Etu (vibes, Chupacabra), Michael Guardabascio (drums, Jonathan Richman And The Modern Lovers), and Meredith Cooper (violin, Sarah Rabdau, Paula Kelly). About 'Powdered Pearls': ...a lyrical depth not often seen in modern day pop music, and an impressive emotional range... ...arrangements are mostly simple, always in service to the words and the mood; and the musicianship is stellar without being intrusive... ...feeling like 60s protest music delivered by a front wall of strong, focused, and beautiful women backed by a double whack of Boston music history on bass and drums, Angeline also includes vibes and violin to complete its uniquely beautiful sound... (2) Angeline is: Jocke Nilsson - Vocals & Guitar Janne Arkegren - Guitar Uffe Nilsson - Bass Tobbe Jonsson –...

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